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I am a skilled, proficient and empathetic writer who thrives on taking my talent and worldly experiences to craft your perfect speech.


As a trained journalist, avid traveler,
truth seeker and conveyor of all things felt, I write speeches for people who can’t formulate their ideas into writing themselves.

You may have an initial draft started but still need some guidance to make the sentences flow. I’m happy to help edit and rework it for you until you are satisfied with the result. Or perhaps you simply have an idea or two and need a speech written from scratch. I will take you through an interview process that is both fun and succinct.



You have the ideas, you know what you want to say.  The trick is putting it together so you can have the best presentation​.

I take the time to understand your story,
to unearth what you desire to say.  I put pen to paper and I tell your tale with your feeling, your truth, your voice and your tone. 

I am currently accepting writing assignments of the following nature: all forms of speech writing, business/communication letters, ghost writing and opinion pieces.  If there are other areas in which you or your company are looking for skilled writers, please do not hesitate to pitch your idea to me.


Professional Speech Writer


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Speech Writing
Content Creation
Revision & Proofreading
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I am an honors graduate from a Broadcast Journalism program in Canada, became the first international paid intern for The Sunday Times Newspaper (Irish edition) in Dublin, Ireland and went on to utilize my previous years of business experience to become the Business Operations Executive for The Economist Magazine in London, England. While there, I was responsible for their business operations in Europe, Middle East, Africa and Asia.


Communicating on behalf of the Economist Group was at the forefront of my position and it is what ignited a passion within me to help others communicate in ways they don't always have the time, patience or skill to.

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I thrive in environments where I get to know and understand people and their cultures, to hear stories of their communities and how they’ve become who they are.  Having lived in five different countries - and traveled to twenty-seven - I’ve had a front row seat to the many faces of human life, and how people live and experience it. My natural ability to record these interactions and preserve my findings in my writing is my true passion.

An extension of this passion is having the ability to listen to my clients and prepare a well formulated document for them. Many people find it difficult to express their thoughts, to find the right words and more importantly, how to articulate them. My clients take my words, which come from their ideas, and utilize them as their own speeches or presentations.





"Despite being a few thousand miles away and in a different time zone, Zara managed to assist in my awards speech with efficiency and aplomb.  Notwithstanding that I gave her very little to work with, she came up with a fine end product which encapsulated the gist of the awards evening successfully. I would recommend and use her services again."

- Vito P.

Cape Town, South Africa


"Zara compiled a rhyming speech for me and it was excellent. It was a very specific brief and she took the time to understand exactly what was required and delivered precisely what I asked for. Her attention to detail was great and she was always willing to go the extra mile."

- James H.

Johannesburg, South Africa

"Tomorrow is the big day! The speech is excellent; I feel good about it! Thanks for your work.  You truly did take exactly what I wanted to say and put it together in a lovely speech for me.  You can't even imagine the weight you lifted off my shoulders not having to worry about doing this myself.  I've never been good at writing emotional or personal notes for people, and that's clearly a gift you have.  So thank you!

- Gill W.

London, Ontario


"I contacted Zara through the internet and was in need of a great speech in a hurry for a large funeral. I sent her the details on the person and within the day had a beautifully worded eulogy. It saved me a great amount of time and stress!"

- Ted H. 

Mississauga, Canada

" I was delighted when I found out that there was someone out there who would actually write a speech for a wedding.  Zara took the time to get to know her subject (me).  She perfectly captured the spirit of who she was writing for and brought tears to more than a few guests with her eloquence and insight.  Her speech felt personal and I couldn't have written it any better had I tried."

-Michelle C. 

Co. Sligo, Ireland

"The wedding went extremely well, thank you for all your help.  It was fantastic, I had the whole place crying it was very emotional and engaging.  I couldn't have asked for a better result! I have quite a few people that could use your services."

- Dr. Vineet B.

Oakville, Canada

"I contacted Zara on the Internet literally a day before my sisters and nieces birthday party. Zara's speech was amazing, she expressed every memory, thought and feeling in such a beautiful way, that it left my sister and some of the guest in tears. I cannot thank you enough for your quick and efficient service and for doing such and amazing job."

- Mel P.

Johannesburg, South Africa

When my Father passed away, I had to write his eulogy. I didn't know where to begin and the first thing that came to mind was to search for help and that's when I came upon Zara. Speaking with Zara for the first time gave me so much confidence. She listened and understood me well in describing the person my Father was.  Zara took the time out to speak with me until I was totally satisfied with my Father's eulogy, which was written with truth and perfection. I will use Zara's service again and again and recommend anyone who is in need of her service.  Zara, You are truly blessed and gifted. 

- Lucy C.

Mississauga, Canada

"I can't thank you enough for your help and, quick and efficient response.  Thanks to you I killed the best man speech.

-Aldo S.

Austin, Texas


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