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Just Like You

Women share a profound common thread in our everyday lives - in the untamed version of ourselves, and in the tamed version we present ourselves to be...

The older I get, the more I understand how this world wouldn't be even remotely sane without the clear intuitive discernment of the women living in it. We are fierce powerhouses unafraid of showing our vulnerability (where strength lies) and unwilling to waiver in our innate growth. I am in love with all of the women of the world, especially those of us who have been scorned, because I understand their story. Yet, I am not someone who has many close women friends - a handful maybe (you know who you are!) Within saying that, I have always dreamed of having a women's community around me.

Let this blog open the doors for that possibility - for you, and for me.

To understand the concept behind the Just Like You theme, please start by reading the introduction post here

Back to the time I worked the Parliament Hill farmers market selling organic veges and wou

Zara Lucia

If someone were to ever ask me to define myself in a few short sentences, I would say this:

There is a place in my heart that knows a deep and agonizing sadness. A sense of grief, perhaps loss. But in that place also lies an intense appreciation for life. An extraordinary internal knowing that I am the creator of my own experience, of my existence. I don't always practice what I preach, but being aware of my feelings means that I know when I'm not in alignment with who I truly am. In this way, I feel every inch of life immensely - all the joys, and all the sorrows.

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